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    Default 6-71 Exhaust parts

    A friend needs a new 90deg bend to run off the end of his 6-71 exhaust manifold. The exhaust is dry at this point so it is not a wet elbow, just a flanged bend for the dry exhaust. Anyone suggest a good supplier to contact?

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    He will probably have to find a marine exhaust shop that can build him one. I don't think there is/was a standard size, measurements for Detroit dry exhaust marine systems. No ready made factory 90 for dry exhaust, except for water cooled 90's. If he has the old one that would make it easier to copy. The system starts with screwed pipe coming out of the end plate like the link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/5164146-Exha...35b1ac&vxp=mtr
    Dry exhaust , no turbo is a pretty simple system. What state is he in ?

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    These guys are good. Send them an email with a pic of the old one and see what they say .

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