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    Lightbulb Replacement of Volvo TMAD41A .

    I need to either do a rebuild on a Volvo TMAD41A engine, or find a replacement diesel engine for our skiff.
    rebuilding is somewhere over 20000.00...The engine fare market valve (Old Engine) is around 6000.00.
    I would like to stay away from outboards /gas if possible.

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    Default Re: Replacement of Volvo TMAD41A .

    At 20,000 you must be doing much more than cylinder kits. In any event what is the application of the vessel? Commercial? Pleasure?

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    Coastal Marine in Seattle wants over $20K for a complete rebuild, total reman, engine tore down to the last piece, when you get it back it looks like a new engine. I know this because I have talked to them about rebuilding my 41a's. Parts alone is a minimum $5,000. Liner kits are $700 each, the pistons are a better design to reduce smoke, 41a's are known to make smoke when not up to operating temp.
    I would love to replace these with a different brand but I'm not having much luck finding choices.
    oottomc do you have a reduction gear or an outdrive? When you say "skiff" it makes me think of a small seine skiff.
    I have a 36' aluminum bowpicker and one of the likely swaps has been YANMAR .

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    Also the flywheel housing on a 41A is a SAE #4

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