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    Default Injector removal advice

    I want to have the injectors on my Lehman 135 checked. I would like to remove and reinstall them myself. Any advice on how to do this and what to look out for? Thanks

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    Hi, stuff rags around all pushrods so nothing will fall into places they shouldn't be. Remove returnline on top of injectors and fitting where it joins head. There may be copper washers under the return line bolts and easy to lose. Remove two injector hold down bolts, then put socket wrench on top of injector nut-- turn 1/4 inch clockwise than 1/4 ccw. Should break injector free. After removal look at injector tip for copper washer. Any missing washers are still in the head!!!
    Charlie w.

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    Sounds pretty straightforward. Appreciate the step by step advice.

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