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    Default 15 hp gamefisher

    Hi, does anybody have or know where I can get a carb. for this engine.

    model# 225.581503 serial# 14630 If so please send me a email @ [email protected]

    Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kimcrwbr1 View Post
    Whats wrong with that carb? That carb has two jets a hig speed and intermediate plus a idle air needle the intermediate is a air jet. I tried to find one with just the high and idle air but they came with the 9.9 I believe, did you get good spark on both plug wires? I cannot stress how important that is with this motor!
    Thank you for answering,the carb is clean,the motor idles perfect, Ican open the throttle manully
    motor speeds up real well. I am testing it running in a barrel, when I put in gear, at idle it runs
    fine,but when I advance the throttle, it boggs then if I hold it to long it stalls.Any suggestions?

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