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    Default hole shot problems

    I have a 95 20ft javelin single console with a 95 200hp venom on a manual jack plate. The boat will run 67 at around 5000-5200 rpm but is bad slow coming out of the hole. It has a 25 pitch 4 blade renegade bass prop on it currently. What would be the best choice of prop to pick up on hole shot without sacrificing to much top end? Thnks for all input.

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    Default Re: hole shot problems

    OK so i have done some research and am wondering if anyone has had any experience with a piranha interchangeable blade prop. I'm thinking on buying one to find the proper pitch on my boat because it would be a lot cheaper than buying a new stainless prop to test with. any input is much appreciated.

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    Default Re: hole shot problems

    piranha props are crap.
    they bend more than an alloy prop and are weak.
    You have the right type of pop st too big in pitch by the sound of it. try to borrow a smaller pitch of same type prop.
    or vent the pop hub, 3 vents of 1/2 inch diameter will make it hole hot like a 21 pitch, once on plane will revert to same as now.
    Jut drill the hub like a vengeance prop.
    it really doe work good for faster hole shot.

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