" OK here I go:
18ft. Fiberglass Procraft 1993
I have a 175Hp 1993 Mariner
offshore exhaust
low water pick up cone
3 blade stainless 23pitch prop
5 1/2" set back CMC jackpate hydraulic

This boat has been working great for the past 2 years gets out of the water quickley etc. etc.

about 2 months ago I was having a problem during hole shot. I would have my motor trimmed down as normal and when I floored it it would hit 2000 rpms and hold for a long time (2mins.) which I am used to (2secs.) It would only plane when I started working the tab which I never use to have to do. I took it into my mechanic and he repaced the ,throttle sensor ,new prop 23pitch stainless like the old one, tune up, removed any water if any in gas. He then hooked it up to the Dyno machine and everything looked good he put a huge load on it and it performed perfect. We then took it into the water and same problem did not hole shot like it was suppose to 2000 rpms until we had to mess with the trim again to get it to plane. Please I need your expertise and so does my mechanic of 15 years. We thought it could be the prop again so we tried 3 different ones 23 pitch, 22 pitch and 4 blade 22pitch and the same thing happens. when you floor it from a standstill it hits 2000 rpms and dogs until you start with the trim and once your up and going the boat screams. "