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Thread: 2 stroke or 4

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    Default 2 stroke or 4

    Hi lads, I recently bought an 18ft Shetland type boat, it came with 50HP Mariner EPTT 3 cylinder, (2002).Under the hood there is an oil tank (for obvious reasons) now im almost certain the chap I bought the boat off told me the engine was 4 stroke but after talking to a person whom I have great faith in he said it is 2 stroke. I want to make sure I put the correct oil in the tank so wat do yous wreckon?

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    Default Re: 2 stroke or 4

    If it has an "oil tank" that has a tube which feeds the oil to the fuel pump, then it is most certainly a 2 stroke.

    A 4 stroke would have a (typical) wet sump system - so an oil filter plus the filler hole (with cap) where the oil would be put into the engine case itself.

    But be sure, since in 2002 Merc sold both 2 stroke and 4 stroke 50 horse models.

    Posting up a serial number or model would allow it to be looked up and verified.

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    Thanks galamb, I,ll have look this evening, cheers

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