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    Default PCM 5.7 Excalibur motor 2006 MB Sport Throttle Issues

    I have a 2006 MB Sport with a PCM 5.7 Excalibur motor it is fuel injected and is having Throttle Issues. Sometimes it will start and run fine then it will cut out and only idle regardless how much throttle you give it. It is not the gas I checked for water in the gas. Sometimes when I start it up it will only idle regardless how much throttle I give it.. Sometimes I can turn it off wait a few seconds then it will start up and run fine for a little while. Please help!

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    Default Re: PCM 5.7 Excalibur motor 2006 MB Sport Throttle Issues

    could be the throttle position sensor....a scan tool is the quickest way to 'see' if it responds to the lever....alternatively, you can use a multimeter but its much harder to see intermittents with that approach....

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