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    Default Damper / Flex Plate? Stuck in neutral, will not spin shaft forward or reverse....

    05 Mobius XLV, (V Drive)
    Indmar Assault 5.7L,
    Hurth ZF 45 CW Transmission

    It has not been ran too much in the past couple of years. Starts up fine every time. When barely put into gear it runs rough, like the idle is too low and you can hear a clicking noise even with the hatch down. The noise disappears and the engine runs much smoother when you get it up to about 800 rpm. So I increased the idle with the idle adjustment screw next to the carburetor so that it idles at the higher 800 rpm.

    Since then the boat has run great, with no clicking or noise in the higher idle for the past couple of trips (15 hours). Yesterday evening on the way back to the boat ramp (2500 rpm) it somehow slipped into neutral and was no longer spinning the prop shaft. There was NO loud or unusual noises when this happened... Boat still running great, but could not get it into gear, forward or reverse. It simply acted as if it was STUCK IN NEUTRAL. The neutral button on the throttle was working properly. Jumped in, prop is there, and can spin as normal with my hand. Decided to check my throttle cables, both to carb, and to transmission, and both functioning properly. Checked prop shaft coupling bolts, and everything seemed fine. Fluids were all full. Transmission fluid is slightly brown compared to its normal pink. It was getting dark, and someone else heading to the boat ramp was nice enough to tow us back. While being towed the prop and shaft spun smoothly, so no issues there.

    If the damper plate is the issue could I completely lose the ability to put the boat in gear and turn the shaft?

    Is there anything else I should check before pulling transmission and motor and checking the damper plate?

    Thank you for any input!!

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    Default Re: Damper / Flex Plate? Stuck in neutral, will not spin shaft forward or reverse....

    Hi, most likely drive plate but also check input shaft spline for wear when trans is out. doesn,t pay to use a worn input shaft on a new drive plate.
    Charlie W .

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    Default Re: Damper / Flex Plate? Stuck in neutral, will not spin shaft forward or reverse....

    I'd be inclined to check the pressure in the gear before just yanking it out...

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