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    Is there a general rule of thumb for how much extra rating is safe ? My boat is 4800 lbs is a 6 k trailer good ?

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    That should be no problem at all. A large margin of error is not necessary because normally the maximum rating on a trailer takes into account all kinds of variations. If the rating plate says 6,000 lbs. then it will safely carry 6,000 lbs. assuming tires and springs are in good repair.

    You need to be most mindful of the tires. Make sure the combined maximum rating of the tires exceeds the gross weight that you are trailering (boat and trailer) by 20%.
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    Like chawk said, if its rated for xxx lbs, it will carry it. Just make sure the 'boat weight' is accurate. most of the OEM data is 'empty' and adding gear and fuel will increase it rapidly, especially as the boat size grows...

    And 2x on getting good tires for the trailer. Ideally, go for a commercial rated tire (higher ply count) - they will last much longer and are much more durable.

    Finally, ensure the boat is loaded on the trailer correctly - so the tongue rate is correct, and you should be good to go.

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    Thanks for the replys

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    Also review the requirements of your State for brakes on trailers and make sure you are in compliance.

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    Make sure you empty all of those beer coolers onboard! Ha Ha

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