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    Default preferred brand of 2 cycle oil??????

    I use Valvoline TCW3 spec. I was given a gallon of Havoline TCW3 spec. any body have information regarding either as better???? thanks

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    Default Re: preferred brand of 2 cycle oil??????

    if both are tcw3 , then that is what they are supposed to be, but only meet minimal standards !!!
    personally would NOT use either one.
    Texaco oil in general is crap unless you buy heir most expensive.
    Just taka sniff and if you can smell a fishy sort of smell then its reconstituted ****.
    I had a car years ago that had fantastic oil pressure until I put in Texaco Valvoline I it, siezed the engine.
    both vavoline and havoline are texco crap. Both the same oil............
    buy either BRP OR MERCURY AND STAY SAFE both have superior additives for outboard engines.

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