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    Default Westerbeke W52 - oil leak from back of engine

    I Have a rebuilt Westerbeke W52 with about 800 hours on it and it works well except has developed a small oil leak at the back of the engine.
    This leak has some interesting features.

    - The engineleaks about 1 teaspoon of oil (maybe less) when it leaks.
    - It only leaks when I shut off the engine, not while it's running. (it leaks every time I shut of the engine no matter how long it has been running)
    - The leak is coming from the between the backing plate and where the transmission connects, or possible where the backing plate connects to the block.

    Has anyone experienced such a thing?


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    Default Re: Westerbeke W52 - oil leak from back of engine

    I don't know your engine, but... At the engine back the most likely place for a leak is the rear main seal. The backing plate also could leak. Whatever it is, the solution is to get access to the rear of the engine. Or if you can live with it, keep an oil absorbing pad under it.

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