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Thread: synthetic

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    can a two stroke 50:1 mix change to a synthetic mix two stroke will it hurt to use one tank and go back to
    regular twc3

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    As long as it's pre-mixed, it doesn't matter. If you have oil injection, occasionally mixing older TWC3 oils with newer synthetic blends, the oils will not blend, and will sometimes cause gelling in the oil tank. As a personal observation- Shell V_power premium gasolines have been known not to pre-mix well with synthetics, and can cause the detergent agents in the gasoline to separate. The detergents separate and lay in the bottom of the fuel tank, looking like grenadine.

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    I had the self oiling system on my 135 blackmax removed and changed over to Amsoil Saber 100:1 pre-mix with no problems, engine runs cleaner with heaps less smoke.

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