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Thread: 5.7 steaming

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    new barr manifolds and risers last year running 3000rpms i see what apears to be steam.engines are half system engines run at normal temp.no matter what what rpms.at lower rpms very little steam. i remember some merc 5 7 useing a restrictor gasket .p am wondering if the water is getting out to fast not staying long enough? i took the old mans and risers off together so i dont know what gasket was under the riser.next trip i am going to run yhe heat gun on the mans and ck it risers rub like 96 to 105 was heat spec i was told.qhat should the mans be? mabe i am looking at this all wrong? thanks for any help

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    i see what apears to be steam.
    Ayuh,.... Just the action of a runnin' a boat motor at 3000 rpms, is throwin' massive amounts of water into a flamin' 1,000 stream of exhaust gases,....

    Add local weather conditions, 'n seein' steam, Ain't all that outa the ordinary,....
    Any Grease is Better,... Than No grease at All....

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