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    Default routine maintenance

    Hi all,

    This may be posted somewhere else, but couldn't find exactly what I was looking for on the web.

    I'm looking for a standard maintenance checklist for a 4-stroke outboard down to the "every-use" frequency. I've always had a 2-stroke, so may have some info backwards.

    This is what I had in mind so far:

    After Every Use:
    - Flush motor with fresh water
    - check gas for water

    End of season:
    - Change oil
    - Winterize

    Beginning of each season:
    - change lower unit oil

    Every other season:
    - Water impeller change

    My motor is old, so I'm planning on treating right to get as much out of it as possible, but I know I'm missing stuff that I should be doing. Like "service the flux capacitor" or something that I don't even know about. Thanks for any words of wisdom.


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    Default Re: routine maintenance

    You want to change lower unit oil at the end of season

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    Default Re: routine maintenance

    Don't be messing with the flux capacitor- that sucker's got 1.21 jigawatts of juice! You might want to add "check engine oil level before each use". Better yet, look online for an operators manual for your outboard model- it will have a checklist and periodic maintenance schedule. What's the model and year of your outboard?

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