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    Default 1939 Neptune 2A39 2 hp won't keep running

    I can only get it to run for about 2 or 3 seconds. It seems like it isnít getting enough gas, but Iíve had both jets opened from 1 turn all the way to 4. Nothing seems to make any difference. The best run was playing with the choke once after it started. It may have ran about 5 seconds and then died. Prior to todayís tests, I took the carb apart and soaked everything in a can of Chem-dip Carburetor Cleaner for 1 day, blew everything out and then reassembled it. Iím using fresh 16/1 gas/oil in a jury rigged clean gas tank. All the lines are clean. After a frustrating day I dismantled the carb again to look for debris but everything is clean.

    One thing I did find when I initially took the carb apart was the bottom jet looks like my dad stripped the screwdriver slot trying to remove it. The needle looks ok, and I canít see any damage to the hole, but I think that jet needs to be replaced.


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    Default Re: 1939 Neptune 2A39 2 hp won't keep running

    Forgot to mention it has the original Tillotson MS-105A carburetor.

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