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    Default Oil seeping from exhaust manifold joint

    During my last oil change and engine servicing (should note that it was my first since I only bought the boat last october), I noticed small leaks between the exhaust manifold and engine block right where the two are bolted together. I noted it, and added to my list to replace the gaskets.

    I've probably put on about 40 engine hours since then and recently noticed that oil was spattering out of that leak during engine running. I do not have much smoke in my exhuast. There are occasionally light wafts of white/grayish smoke and a bigger puff of gray smoke when the engine first starts up, but it is nothing that would ever cause me alarm had I not noticed the oil leaking from this exhaust leak.

    This last weekend I investigated by wiping it clean, running a bit and noting that oil does pool ever so slowly at the joint there. I went to tighten the bolts (2 per joint, 2 joints) of the manifold to engine and found that they were indeed quite loose. Tightening them down made a difference and seems to have completely stopped the leak on one joint, but the other still pools oil slowly. I'm planning on removing the exhaust/heat-exchanger assembly soon and replacing those gaskets, but my concern now is where that oil is coming from.

    Sorry to keep rambling, I'm almost through. So my main questions now are:
    1. Where is the source of that oil getting out through the exhaust leak?
    2. Are the exhaust leak and the oil leak related?
    3. How is it that there is that much oil getting out the exhaust leak but it is not smoking like crazy out my boat exhuast? I pulled my aqua-muffler and looked for oil in it, none. I would expect oil leaking past my rings or valves into the cylinder would be burnt and not seep past the manifold joint. That's primarily what I hope someone can shed some insight on here.

    Thanks. I've attached some pics.
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