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    Default 60 horse power model number

    Trying to identify the model number of the 1977 60 horse power Ford Lehman so I can find the IPBD and other reference material I need to work on it. I found a bookLehman Marine Diesel Engine 4d242, 4d254, 6d363, 6d363tc, 6d380 but cannot identify what horsepowers are associated with which model, if any and the language is in German ( i dont speak German). Hopefully there will be lots of pictures.

    Frankly not impressed with the amount of information on line for and engine that is almost 40 years old. The SMEs should be throwing it away. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: 60 horse power model number

    Hi, 220 60 horse 242 70/80 254 80 363 120 380 120/135 all depends on the injection pump and injectors used. Locate the serial # on a pad between injection pump and engine on the block . Starts with letter s. I will tellyou year of your engine.
    Charlie w.

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