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    Default Tachometer sensor location

    I am trying to replace a tachometer. There are different tachs depending on the type of signal from the engine. So far I am unable to find the source of the signal. I checked the alternator as well as various places around the engine without luck.
    Any and all help appreciated.

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    Hi wenders, check page a25 of lehman owners manual. Tach signal wire is usually grey and connects to outboard side of alternator. Check color of wires from removed tach just to be safe
    charlie w

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    Default Re: Tachometer sensor location

    There are only 2wires on the alternator and they are heavier and of different color than the 3 wires at the tach. If indeed the signal comes from the alternator, perhaps it is spliced in somewhere else. I'll keep checking.

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    Default Re: Tachometer sensor location

    Hi wenders, try between the heat exchanger and engine about in the middle of the block.
    Charlie w

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