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    Default Mercury 25 outboard

    Hello all,

    I bought a boat which has a Mercury 25, 2 stroke (I believe) outboard on it. Serial number is 95499092. Made in Belgium. First any help and advise would be appreciated and second what year is it? Also is it a 25hp as I have read that some are 20hp and is 50:1 the right mix for the fuel and oil?



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    Default Re: Mercury 25 outboard

    You've got one too many digits for that to a Merc #- it should be 7 numbers, not 8. Without the correct number, the best I can do (presuming the first 4 digits are correct) is to peg the model year at 1988-1990. Regardless, the fuel/oil ratio will be 50:1.

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    Default Re: Mercury 25 outboard

    Sorry that was a real slip of the fingers. It is 7 numbers not 8 9549092 thanks for the reply

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    Default Re: Mercury 25 outboard

    Hey, that's better. It's a 1989.

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