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    Default Correct oil pressure on 4JH2E

    Hi I have a 4JH2E with 3800 hours on it. Uses no oil and starts and runs well. I run on 15W40 Shell Rimula. The pressure gauge failed a while ago which I understand is a common occurance. I have now fitted a mechanical unit. Can anyone tell me what the normal operating oil pressure range is. It reads 48psi at idle when cold, 52psi when running at 2200rpm (the boats sweet spot) and 32psi on idle when hot.

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    Default Re: Correct oil pressure on 4JH2E

    That sounds about right, Yanmar had a service bulletin on the o/p this was due to the poor gauge and sender they used and still use I surmise. The mechanical one you installed is the answer

    14w 40 is what we used in Vancouver British Columbia all year round..

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