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    Default LSA Supercharged Engine ??

    We operate a Commercial Jet boat business here in New Zealand and in our 22 seater boat we run a 502 Big block of which we are thinking of replacing it with an LSA Supercharged Engine,and as yet no operators are using this engine over here yet and I was wondering whether it will cut the mustard and how reliable it would be as at the moment we are having issues with the 502 heads as the inlet valve seats have a sharp lip on the outside surface of the valve seat indicating that the heads are made of soft metal as the fuel is not dirty.the heads have just been done up and we spent over $2000 on them and they have done just 40 hrs and the engine itself has done 500 hrs since new,any advice would be welcomed,Thanks David

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    There are a couple of companies using the LSA as a marine conversion, mostly for towsports application, as well as 7 Marines' LSA adapted 557 outboard. Marine Power has an LSA model configured for jet drive, you might start there. The LSA is relatively new, but I have heard no bad reports. It must work well for marine use, or Rick Davis would not have chosen it as 7 Marines' power choice (Rick is a very smart guy!). One thing for sure, you'll probably enjoy the extra 100 or so hp that the LSA will have above your older 502. Plus, the LSA should be about 300 lbs lighter.

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    Ayuh,... If yer valves are burnin' up, is the motor runnin' Lean,..??
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    I have an LSA in my 2014 Roguejet fishing boat with a Hamilton 212 jet. Engine has performed flawlessly. The available torque is awesome and the fuel consumption is along the lines of my old 350 chevy powered boat/212 combination.

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