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    Default '91 454 Crusader's with 1150 hours

    At 2700 RPM's we begin to experience a cough and popping from the Starboard engine. The popping and coughing will continue until we drop lower than 2700 RPM's. Then the engine runs smooth.

    We have replaced the plugs, distributor, wires, coil, ignition modulator, rebuilt carb., risers replaced, exhaust manifold is new, intake manifold gasket replaced and engine was timed with a light.

    Engines are well maintained with annual service. This current amount of work done was preventative maintenance. The problem arose during the under load sea trial and continues.
    Engine runs fine at dock with increased RPM's. Only under load does this coughing and popping occur.

    What the heck can it possibly be? Thanks for your ideas.
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