After 30 plus years of collecting everything Oliver Outboard Motor, age and health have finally caught up and I am offering the collection for sale. I have 50 plus motors and a huge collection of parts both used and new included. IF it was OLIVER OUTBOARD, I have it. I have very early advertising along with several original dealer signs. Factory tool kits and service manuals covering the early 1955 models and the later ones as well. Included are a few Chris Crafts representing the beginning of the Oliver line plus several Wizard/Western Auto outboards also made by Oliver. A Perkins is also included representing the end of the line. I have a factory tech service coat, pens and pencils along with several of the cigarette lighters, posters, book matches other advertizing. LOTS of stuff. New water pumps, points, 20 plus original fuel tanks and Volrath/Oliver stands. Rare matched counter rotating 35hp motors and experimental models. New throttle controls.
Sorry no individual sales. I need to let the collection go to a good home. So much more not listed here. [email protected]