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    Post wet exhaust problem

    i have an old 25hp buhk diesel engine in my 32ft yacht. my problem is that i carnt seem to get the water to go through my exhaust. when i start my motor and manage to get the water from the jabsco pump through the engine to the exhaust the back pressure from the exhaust will not let the water go through the exhaust instead it pushes it back through the motor and out the intake of the boat hull . can anybody tell me why it is doing this and how i can rectify the problem.
    thanks coruba

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    What is the condition of the impeller in the seawater pump, perhaps it is not functioning well enough to push the water out in to the exhaust.
    Also check that the exhaust is not clogged in any way, maybe the check valve on the exhaust is at fault.
    If you have fixed the problem i would be interested in hearing what your solution was.

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    is your pump inlet on the wrong side seems strange to me

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