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Thread: Water pump tube

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    Question Water pump tube

    I just replaced some parts in my lower unit and am putting it back on. On top of the water pump there is a plastic tube where the water comes out. It slides over a metal tube that runs up to the engine. This plastic tube is very loose on the metal tube, so lose that water can bypass and not 100% of the water from the pump will ever make it to the engine. I didn't see anything when I took it apart but is there supposed to be some type of bushing or seal to make that a tight fit or is some water supposed to bypass?

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    You did not provide a model #--------------I would say it is just a guide tube to help in assembly. It is not to seal the waterflow.

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    Its a mecr black max 200 ser # A124941. I found my own answer. Looked at the parts diagram on this site and see that there is a rubber seal that should go on there. Sad thing is I had a service shop replace the water pump a last year and this seal was not there when I took the lower unit off. The motor still pee'ed out water but I bet it will pee a lot more when I get the right seal. Thanks for the response I had made another post about the clutch dog last week. Didn't get a reply but did get it figured out and the motor is shifting properly now Wish I would have made a UTube vide of it as I have not found a video that goes that deep into the lower unit

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    can any one tell me where the gear linkage on a 1986 to 97 model 8hp longshaft 2stroke mariner outboard is disconected
    i have split bottom section but cant see where vertical gear shift rod is split

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    Default Re: Water pump tube

    The rod doesn't "split", it's a one piece rod that goes up and connects (pinned in) to the shift cam at the base of the power head (located just below and immediately behind the carb. It can be located on the port side of the motor (so left side if you are looking at the prop).

    You remove the clip from the cam and the shift rod is freed up for removal (still attached to the lower unit). The easiest way I have found to remove the clip is get ahold of it with needle nosed pliers. Using a "upward" motion you unclip it from the cam (it pivots on one end) then pull it straight back to remove it.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Shift_shaft1.jpg 
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