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    Question Cummins QSB5.9 engine does not start

    I have a QSB5.9 cummins engine,it was working perfectly. After several starts and stops, now the engine does not want to start and has a sound alarm.
    Anyone know what can it be?

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    It can be a lot of things but my first check would be the fuel filters and to reprime the fuel system. After that you could be looking at lots if different sensors but a complete no start rather than poor running would make me check the crank angle sensor as one of the first thoughts.

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    Hi. Thanks for your help, I will start the diagnosis by that sensor,I was looking for the wiring diagram of cummins QSB 5.9 but I only got the cummins ISX, is it the same?
    Thanks for everything

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    Good morning, please someone can tell me where to find, the following documents: QSB 5.9 CM850 Smarcrft 2.x Wiring Diagram

    Thank You..

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