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    Default mercury 200 20 hp prop question

    I just bought a boat with a spun prop I took old prop off and all internals stayed on shaft and seized on I cut the splined tube off behind that there is a washer like piece does it need to come off also or does it stay I put new prop on with it but nut only has maybe one thread showing at end of shaft just want to make sure it's right before taking it out

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    Default Re: mercury 200 20 hp prop question

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Default Re: mercury 200 20 hp prop question

    I believe that "washer like piece" you note is the thrust washer - it should be able to come off and should slide easily on the prop shaft.

    If it's seized in the wrong place it cant do it's job. As you shift from neutral to forward or reverse the propshaft moves (in/out).

    Sounds like a little more than the prop is/was seized in the lower unit. Might have to tear the whole thing down and do some work on it..

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