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    HI All

    I have recently purchased a Cigarette 41 racing boat as a restoration project and am trying to find out information about the engines.

    I believe that the engines, which are two Caterpillar 3208 Diesel engines, were fitted as new to the boat when she was manufactured. Unfortunately the engine identification tags have corroded and so I am unable to read the engine data. I would like to identify the build type, HP, and RPM for the engines.

    I appreciate that you may be unable to assist but I would really be grateful for any help or guidance you can give me.

    The first engine number is 75V6174 and the arrangement number is 8N2543. The second engine number is 75V6152 and the arrangement number is 8N2543.

    The first injector pump number is 9N3757-01204354 and the second is 9N3757-02211998.

    There is a small tag on the turbo with number 8N1068.

    Once again, many thanks for reading this email and for any help that you can give me.

    Kind Regards

    Riccardo Mann

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    thanks . i have tried boat diesel . not had a reply. its a tricky one thanks ricky

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    Hi it is 75v. they maid a small amount of turbo engines with this number . i am tiring to determine the bhp and fuel settings and rpm from my A R numbers my local cat dealer won't go back this far 1980 ?? thanks ricky

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