I just joined this forum and not too sure how it works.

Anyway, my daughter just bought a small boat with the smallest Mercury outboard 1 Cyl, 2 stroke (not sure year or cc), it has no fuel pump that I can see so must be gravity fed ? The carb has a square attachment to its side into which the petrol lead goes. Would that be some sort of fuel pump activated by vacuum from the cylinder?

Engine worked fine till some old petrol that had some water in it was added. I have cleaned the whole petrol circuit but now the engine will start and run for a few seconds then stop. The carburetor sump that contains the float seems to not get petrol and will run dry if you put petrol in. I filled in that little sump and it ran for about a minute then stopped. Cannot find a block on the fuel line. Have bypassed the fuel filter and some strange piping am not sure what it is for except maybe as a primer for the carb ? If it is for that purpose it doesn't work.
I think the carburetor has a block and will be taking it to a mechanic for a service and pressure clean.

Anyway, three questions:
- Does anyone know of a good knowledgeable mechanic in and around Amsterdam (Nederlands)
- Also has anybody experienced similar problems
- Can someone send me an outline of the fuel system on those engines ?