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    Default Universal 5411 overheating randomly

    Our sailing club has a Universal 5411 inboard diesel on a 28' O'Day sailboat.
    It overheats some of the time. Just about everything has been taken apart
    and checked/replaced. The temperature gauge cycles up and down and
    with prolonged running it will eventually overheat. Is this likely a water-pump
    problem? Should the temperature cycle up-and-down...or, should it be rock solid
    like in an automobile? We're running out of ideas!!!

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    Default Re: Universal 5411 overheating randomly

    Well, it turned out that the (water-cooled) exhaust manifold was leaking exhaust gas
    into the raw-water cooling system. These exhaust bubbles made it difficult for the
    water pump to operate properly. Thus, the system was overheating. The exhaust
    manifold was replaced and all is OK now.

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