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    Post Yanmar series 6PHME

    I am wanting a replacement exhaust riser to suit this marine diesel (approx '85 model). The Japanese part
    number is 124611-13140 (pipe) and was discontinued 2007.
    Would appreciate any help in locating a new or secondhand unit

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    I can supply all Yanmar engine parts,for example :8N330L-GC,6N330L-EV,6EY26L,6M200L-UN,6N26L-UV

    Welcome to consult www.chinamarineparts.com

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    I have a 1985 Yanmar 6PHM-HTE engine and am looking for the following new or used parts:124613-18300 or 124613-18301 exhaust pipe assembly and 124617-13300 or 124617-13301 exhaust elbow
    Stuart Miller
    [email protected]

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    You're probably not going to find new parts for a 34 year old engine. Pistons, rings, bearings, yes, but not exhaust parts. Try ebay.com or ebay.com.au or ebay.com.uk. If the engine is worth it, have the exhaust items made out of stainless. That's what I do for older engines.

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