I have a Perkins 4.236 in my older houseboat. Start every weekend but haven't taken it out for a long time. One time starting I noticed the thermostat was running hot so I checked the coolant level and it was really low. Filled to the top and ran every weekend with no problem. Decided to go for a cruise this weekend and didn't get far when the engine quit. Opened the hatch over the engine and coolant was everywhere and the reservoir was empty. Couldn't touch the engine-way to hot. We let it cool down, filled with more coolant started moving again. Didn't get far again and same thing happened. Let it cool, filled again with water and just barely made it back to the dock.

I'm getting suggestions right and left-water pump, hoses, heat exchanger. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


PS: Water was pumping out fine from exhaust.