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    Default Stromberg 175 CD2 carb. setuup:

    I recently purchased rebuild kits for twin Stromberg 175 carbs. from a Volvo Penta AQ130C engine but I have been unable to find the float settings. Can anyone help me with that information. Thanks

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    Default Re: Stromberg 175 CD2 carb. setuup:

    I know i play necromancer here and the OP is probably long gone... but it might help other as the information might be hard to get.

    the Stromberg-Zenith 175CD 2s ( probably part 3098 R and F, for front and rear) the float need to have a height of 15,5 to 16,5 mm for a hollow float and 18,5 to 19,5 mm for a black solid float.

    that can be ajusted by slightly bending the tap on the float, be care not to deform float frame ( each side of the float need to be at the same height) using 1 additional washer with the needle valve can also be used to raise the float

    also fuel pump push between 1.5 to 3.5 PSI if you upgrade you fuel pump to electrical ( connected to oil pressure sensor) be care to use a fuel pump that match these pressure ( look for this part number: airtex E8251, a 2.5 to 4.5 psi marine pump) and use a fuel regulator like the Holley 804 that is factory setted a 2.7 psi .

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