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    Default Need a little or a lot of help.

    Hello all and thank you in advance for any help. I have acquired a Eska outboard motor and am having issues trying to find out for sure which model, year, HP i have.
    One tag on the motor has a model number of 643-14A, serial number 6934856, I found on the transom the numbers, 1930-A followed by 3C350585 followed by 52001.

    It runs like a top but I have found out the water pump/impeller is bad and will need to find parts for her.

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    Default Re: Need a little or a lot of help.

    It looks like the correct one, I don't have it with me so I will have to measure it tomorrow. and yes i do believe it is 643-19A.
    Would a public library have a parts manual or is it best to purchase one on line?

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