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    Default 7.5 hp Ted William (Sears) motor questions

    I just got a 1966 Starcraft Sea Scamp with a 7.5 hp Ted Williams motor. The motor has spark and compression but doesn't start. I have a couple questions about it. I see the motor is air cooled. Is it okay to run the motor out of water? Does the drive section need water in some way to cool it? Is the motor a 2 stroke that needs oil and gas mixed? Lastly how does the shift mechanism work? When I pull the rope the propeller spins.

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    Default Re: 7.5 hp Ted William (Sears) motor questions

    I put the tank up high and ran a hose directly to the carb inlet. The engine ran well like that. Low or high rpm were both working. The problem now is that the nipple that goes into the carb does not seat tightly. It is a tube the size of a ballpoint pen tip. The part is not available new on searsparts direct. I'm wondering if I should use a bit of fuel safe expoxy and attempt to glue it in. I'm not sure how that would work though since there is not a lot of room to put expoxy around the fitting. Is there a fuel safe glue I could use? A diagram of the fitting and the piece it is mounted to is attached.
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