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    Default How do I disassemble a foot pedal assembly so I can replace a broken toggle switch?

    The toggle switch (that controls constant on, or intermittent action) has broken in my foot pedal. Here's the exploded diagram:


    Part 19 is the broken switch.

    The replacement process looks really simple, if I could only figure out how to access the switch. It looks like I have to take the pedal off of the base; it's held on by a pin rocker (part #24) that I should be able to drive out from either side of the pedal, but it is held in place by two e-rings that I'm not sure I should remove.

    Any ideas on the best way to get this done?



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    Default Re: How do I disassemble a foot pedal assembly so I can replace a broken toggle switch?

    Check to see if there is a round metal or plastic (or both) locking collar nut on the outside of the foot pedal that holds the switch to the pedal housing. If you need further help just call MotorGuide at (920) 929-5040.

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