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    Default Ted Williams 7.5 hp outboard

    Hello, I am a new member but just purchased an old SabreCraft I/O. When I bought the boat the previous owner through in an old Ted Williams 7.5 hp outboard motor. The numbers on the engine are 217-58820 and the serial number is 152031. I got the motor running but if I throttle it up too much is dies and is difficult to restart. I took the top cover off and everything looks pretty clean but I noticed that there was some grim in the bottom of the carburetor bowl and that there is no air filter in front of the throat of the carb. Is this normal? I've cleaned the bowl and will spray down the carburetor. I'm not too confident that this will fix the problem. Any ideas? What else should I look for now that I have the top off? I don't want to spend too much on this motor as it is pretty old and I was just going to use it in the event of a main motor failure. I you know where I can get a manual for this motor I would be grateful. Does anyone know when this motor was built? Thank

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    Hey there is a Eska Facebook help site https://www.facebook.com/groups/847811521900193/

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