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    Post Westerbeeke gas 15k shutdown

    I have a shut down problem for the past 6 months. At start up gen will run 45 to 50 min. will always immediately restart and run from few minutes to 25 minutes. Working with gen repair person, however problem not solved. I have taken the following steps one at a time trying to isolate the problem. 1. replaced all sensors, 2.sent heat exchanger out for rebuild, 3.replaced stop switch at gen control panel.4. Disconnected remote panel so only current is at gen control panel. Last weekend took a coil off of another 15k gen and put on my gen, gen then ran for 4 hrs and started shutting down again and would immediately restart. However, even considering all sensors were replaced, as the gen attempts to shut down, if I push the on switch the gen will recover and run a few more minutesFeel as id I have done everything except re wiring gen and control box I would appreciate any input as to where to turn next

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    Sounds like a fuel issue...If you have an anti-siphon valve on the line that sends the fuel to the Gen-Set, take it off and check to see if it is getting clogged with gunk.
    The engine will run and then stop once the valve is clogged and as soon as it shuts down the ball bearing in the valve rolls back and repositions....allows you to start again but as it is wet..it gets sticky again and shuts down the engine.
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