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    Default Transmission output seal leaking - post rebuild

    I rebuilt my straight drive VD over the winter and then had it bench tested. I also had them install the output seal while it was there. Trans is working fine but the seal is leaking a little bit. I guess one of the tricks when installing these is to put some RTV on the splines. I know the guy did that because he told me a lot of people forget to do this and then the seal leaks. There's irony in there somewhere

    Is it worth trying to seat it in a little further before I replace it? It's something I might let go until the end of the season. I'm also waiting to see if it slows down but I have about ten hours on it so that looks less likely.

    On my cars, I try to get cam/crank/diff seals riding on a slightly different locations and wondering if it's worth a shot in this case.


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    Default Re: Transmission output seal leaking - post rebuild


    you are describing two different leak paths from the same local area....

    I'm hoping the guy that changed the seal checked the shaft surface and found it acceptable prior to renewing the seal...if that wasn't the case, then there may be benefit from relocating the seal....if that's where the leak is starting at.

    good luck

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    Default Re: Transmission output seal leaking - post rebuild

    RTV on the splines of the shaft?? Maybe oil or grease on the splines to NOT cut into the seal surface as it goes by.

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