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    Motor guide with foot control won't activate. Brand new marine battery..but the prop will not turn. Could the problem be in the foot control or the lower unit?

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    do you have a switch on the side that will bypass the rotary speed switch and micro switch that is activated by pressing the pedal?does it work from that switch?have you checked with a meter or light to make sure you have voltage at the plug?there is a micro switch that is activated by the foot control lever..this switch is covered my a water tight rubber like covering...this covering wears thru and the foot lever will not activate the switch...and there is not enough room in the switch mounting holes to adjust it..i dont remember exactly how it is built but its fixable with a small piece of dowell..i fixed mine 10 years ago with a willow stick and its still working..you have to get the correct length or the motor will run without pressing the lever..

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