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    Default Port velvet drive dripping 454 crusaders

    hi, i posted in crusader forum also, i didn't see the transmission forum before. thanks.

    Weekend Update. If there is another forum i should post in please me know, i figured the crusader forum is my place

    I had a friends mechanic look around the other day, check fluid etc. things looked ok. he didn't really get in too deep though. Had another mechanic look yesterday, he does a lot of work at my club on the side and works for a shop during the week. he dove in and found it leaking with the motor running. this actually made me feel a lot better because at least now i know I'm not crazy and we have something to go on. looks to be left side (outboard) around the lower part of the forward seal. every few seconds he sees a drip. now, what to do. he's going to do some homework and figure out some options. says he can pull it in the water, its a 31 tiara straight shaft, he thinks he has enough room to do it at the dock. he can do it over 2 saturdays. he said it wouldn't bother him running the boat the way it is, get through the summer an do it over the winter.

    So, here are a few questions . on the saturday that he should be able to finish it up (the 28th), i have a trip planned to cape cod (leaving on the 30th) for the week of the fourth. thats about an 80 to 100 mile run for me each way. during the week we'll pretty much be sitting at the dock so not much use.

    The motors have 800 hours, he suggested if its apart, do a rebuild too. of course what we find will dictate if its more than the seal (motor is shifting fine). should i go for the rebuild, or try to get it down quick before my trip? I'm even thinking if i should just order a rebuilt trans so i have it on hand and ready.

    Should i just run the boat and have him work on it after my trip? he thought it's probably be fine, just keep an eye on the fluid. Timing is the biggest issue, to get it done bt the 30th. i could also take it to his marina pay more but probably get it done quick. the main thing I'm afraid of about rushing it is it doesn't give me much time in case something happens when reinstalling.

    Help me decide what to do? I know thats a lot to ask. I'm just trying to find my comfort zone on what to do next.


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    Default Re: Port velvet drive dripping 454 crusaders

    Anyone? Thoughts? Thanks.

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