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    Default 7hp Sea king Montgomary Ward Clinton Air Cooled

    Model k700 3107a
    serial 925246
    type # 602737R
    Clinton Engine

    Any Help and suggestions are sincerely appreciated.

    1. I see that the Spark plugs suggested are Cj8 and Cj14, but also not clear as to what the Gap should be. I think I found .03, please correct me if I'm wrong.

    2. I keep seeing different comments on the suggested oil mixture on this, can someone guide me to the correct mixture for my motor or where can I look? Currently I have a 50:1 mix.

    3. My main concern is that it does not seem to be running at its full potential. It takes some real patience to start it, sometimes within a few pulls, sometimes more with some swearing. When running, its rather touchy, it seems the throttle screw moves and the handle has to be in the perfect spot (Just between the start and shift position). Ive also had it die on me while running across the lake, it bog's down and then I cant get it to throttle back to save it from dieing. With that said, it runs decent when working, but is real temperamental.

    If I missed any details that would help, please don't hesitate to ask.
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