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    Default Heavy smoke at startup

    I'm looking at buying a sailboat with a 4JH3-BE, and the thing puts out a huge cloud of blueish smoke when you start it. It was still smoking after one minute, but the wind was blowing all the smoke into the cabin and choking my wife, so I shut it off.

    The owner and broker both claim "that's standard on engines without plugs" and it goes away once the engine warms up.

    I'd be embarrassed to start the engine as is in a quiet anchorage. Is there something that can be done to fix this?

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    Default Re: Heavy smoke at startup

    Not a very helpful response. My current boat has a Perkins 4-108, and it doesn't smoke much at all, even at startup. I'm not a big fan of diesels, at least not for cars, but hanging a 50HP outboard off the stern is not going to happen.

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    Default Re: Heavy smoke at startup

    I'll answer my own question, in case someone else has the same issue.

    I called the mechanic that repaired my 4-108 when I blew the head gasket, and he guesses that the injectors are "dirty" due to maybe water contamination. Pissing a stream instead of spraying a fog. The boat has been to Mexico twice, so that rings true. He thought a rebuild/replace of the injectors would be about $350, maybe less if I pull them off the engine.

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    Default Re: Heavy smoke at startup

    Blue indicates oil burn, How many hours? had it been sitting a while?

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    Default Re: Heavy smoke at startup

    When these engines came out new many smoked like hell. Yanmar came out with timing specs change. Which yours has probably had. The answer was a piston change and that cleared it up. I had to fight with Yanmar like a bastard to get this done. My customer went through hell with his engine and one time some one called the fire department. It is a compression thing. That was oh 11 years ago. What you do is say, stop the smoke, tweak the injectors and I may buy this nice boat.
    Or best is walk away from it. The turbo model was way worse. Call Yanmar in Georgia service dept and see what they say. how many hours on this engine?
    Hope this helps

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