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    Default Yamaha identification plate missing

    Hi fellow boaters

    The identification plate on my 30hp yamaha outboard is missing.

    Does anyone know how i can retrieve the serial number?

    The model of the engine is 30HMH also known as CV30 in Australia.

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Yamaha identification plate missing

    Are you looking for a replacement data label or just help in trying to determine the ID for your motor?

    In the US the process for the former is to take the motor to a Yamaha dealer and to provide him with records that indicate the precise identity of the motor in question and that you are the lawful owner. He will then contact Yamaha USA who in turn will contact Yamaha Japan for a replacement ID label. Perhaps there is a similar process in Australia.

    Now if you are just trying to verify the identity of your motor, look on the block, usually in the vicinity of the start motor, for the alternate ID label. It will be round and black. There will be a white bar through the middle and in that white bar there will be the serial numbers. What are they?

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    Default Re: Yamaha identification plate missing

    hi Boscoe
    I know its an old post but i have the same situation and in Australia.
    I found the sticker that says 501415 are you able to tell me the year/ model number thanks

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