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    Default 7hp seacruiser by eska

    Hi this motor (seacruiser model # 1931-a 7hp made by eska in 1973) was sitting for over a decade and despite being told it was a lost cause I took it home soaked the carb replaced the spark plug (gapped it at .035 sound right?) unfroze choke valve filled it with a 16-1 fuel ratio as I thought it could use the extra oil and after 15 pulls or so and to my amazement it started and runs well and will go into drive......... However the motor will not idle low (it sputters and dies). Being fairly new to outboards I'm not sure how to adjust the carb other than the idle adjustment which couldn't fix the issue after some tinkering with it.

    My big question is if someone can steer me to a similar/same 7hp eska motor that was a little more prolific as I cannot find much info or parts for this particular year and model 7hp. I'm calling boatsportandtackle.com on Monday because I have had no luck finding replacement carb kits and impeller and I would love a parts manual. Can anyone steer me in the direction of what part #s I need or diagnose my idling issue?

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    Contrary to some peoples Opinion I like to help other people fix their Eska's LOL, .35 is correct on the singles plug,, the idle mixture screw/jet is 1 turn out from soft bottom for setup and then adjust or best idle on the water,, boatsportandtackle.com will fix you up no problem with every thing you need, however the impeller is a merc 9.8, sierra part number 18-3054 .438 ID

    be sure to get a 7/16 welch plug with your kit and clean the jets, best fastest carb cleaner is the cheapest spray cleaner you can but,,, no chem dip needed , I have a carb/ engine manual for you if you PM me with e -mail addy and can receive a 5 mg file

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