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    i just jumped in to the boat world! Started small will 11' used dinghy and just purchased a used Mariner 5hp outboard. Want to know where to look for searial numbers etc.. To find all makers marks so I can order manuals and parts? Would also like to figure out production date etc..

    Would apeiciate some help.

    Thanks, John

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    You may get better results if you enter the Mercury/Mariner thread good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WDT View Post
    You may get better results if you enter the Mercury/Mariner thread good luck.

    Hi hi and thank you. I found the serial and mod number. The motor cover has "mariner" on it, but it's actually a Nissan NS5B! It runs very well, no leaks, motors pretty clean. I was first a bit upset that the guy who sold it to me did not know what it was! But I have read some goods things about the motor. I ordered new decals, I plan on cleaning and painting exterior only. Do you have any advice on cleaning and painting? The prop has paint pealing off of it also. Should I bring that down to bare metal and leave it or rep ain't it. Motor will be used in fresh water only.

    Thanks, John

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