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    Default Cummins V-504-M, I need raw water pump information


    Does anyone can give me more detailed specifications about raw water pump for this engine (rated at 195HP/3000RPM). I found out on the internet, that original raw water pump for V-504 was Jabsco 11600 (impeller pump). I am not sure, but I found some info that mentioned this pump flow rate was 80 LPM (liters per minute), but I am not sure. Anyway, even if that is correct, does anyone know at what RPM is that specification given? At what engine RPM should be max flow rate defined? I found on some older engine datasheets (V-504) following statement:

    "Minimum Raw Water flow with Water tempratures to 90F (32C) ......32US GPM (2.0liters/second)"

    Now, this line is a bit confusing to me, since this temperature is very low and I do not know on which exactly temperature is this line referring. Also, is that flow rate supposed at maximum RPM, or at highest torque RPM, or...?

    Anyway, I have a Gilkes raw water pump (circular pump), which in my personal opinion is better choice for raw water pump. Thing is, that I do not have a pulley and I do not know the flow rate of this pump either. So I plan to test this Gilkes pump I have and find out the flow rates at given RPM. Then I need original engine pump data, so I can design the correct pulley.
    Yes, this is a bit complicated, but since my engine is new, never used, so as this Gilkes pump, it does pay off to me. For the pump, I contacted the Gilkes, but no answer yet, probably due to old type numbers, but if they cannot help, I will test it by myself for needed data (flow rates at specific RPMs and make a curve).
    I would appreciate very much if someone can help me here with these information.

    Best regards,

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    Default Re: Cummins V-504-M, I need raw water pump information

    If anyone still looking at this thread,

    Gilkes pump is M series 100/350, and it will have about 110 liters/min (around 29GPM) flow rate at 3000RPM (1:1 with engine), since water head is around 4m (according to pump curves and considering longitude of pipes from the pump output to the exhaust output and that the pump is located below waterline level).
    I understood the statement in previews post as that the raw water flow rate should be 120 liters/min when raw water temperature is 90F (32C) and I will design the pulley to the closest possible value, as already mentioned to 110 liters/min at highest engine RPM.
    If anybody following this thread, do you find this design as correct? Thanks.
    Also, consider that I do not intend to drive it at 3000RPM (maximum), but 2700-2800RPM at best. Due to fuel prices, even lower than that. Also, the highest raw water temperatures I met were about 27C, which is 5C lower than 32C.

    Best regards,

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    Default Re: Cummins V-504-M, I need raw water pump information

    Calculation tested and it works fine, close enough. Engine has correct temperature range. I have found precise range of temperatures in some old engine manual and it should be a bit warmer so I will make a new pulley for the next season. I think the temperature is close enough, but it will decrease the back pressure on the exhaust, not that I have problem with that either, but I believe that it is better that way, the beast will live longer. I will probably try 2850RPM on the pump, instead of 3000RPM. And it will make a gearbox oil temperature a bit warmer, which again should be a bit according to manual.

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