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    Default Ford Lehman 80 hp low oil pressure

    This engine has only 600 hour since rebuild. Boat has sat unused for five years. Engine stars instantly, runs smoothly with clean exhaust.
    Oil pressure is less than 20lbs & drops to less than 10lbs when hot
    On removing valve cover it looks brand new, absolutely clean
    & fresh inside.
    This is a mystery, if I did not have to look at the oil pressure
    guage I would go anywhere trusting this engine

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    Default Re: Ford Lehman 80 hp low oil pressure

    Hi, i would check the oil pressure with a mechanical gage just behind the alternator. It should run 30# or more no less than 20# hot. If you have electric gages i would suspect a bad oil sender. What was the oil pressure five years ago ??
    Charlie w.

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    Default Re: Ford Lehman 80 hp low oil pressure

    Mechanical gage reads the same!
    I dont know OP five years ago
    This is a mystery as the motor runs so sweetly just like a sewing machine

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    Default Re: Ford Lehman 80 hp low oil pressure

    Can you tell me the model or serial # ? Are you using a fram ph8a or equiv. Filter ?? Does oil pressure rise instantly when engine is first started ?? Try teeing into the oil adapter plate on the injection pump side of the engine. Tee into the line marked out with an oil press. Gage. This will eliminate external oil cooler& filter and lines.
    Charlie w

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    Default Re: Ford Lehman 80 hp low oil pressure

    HI Charlie
    Thanks for your input & advice the motor is a 2722 E 80 HP
    The oil pressure (what there is of it) takes a few seconds to come up after the engine is started.
    The oil filter is the recommend Fram recently changed with the oil.
    I will try your suggestion of T ing into the out line eliminating the cooler & filter. Sounds like a good move.
    It has to be something other than the usual cause of worn bearings.
    I was also going to briefly run the engine with the valve cover off to observe oil flow.
    Thanks again

    Terry S

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    Default Re: Ford Lehman 80 hp low oil pressure

    Hi terry, thanks for the info since there are several models which vary slightly the oil supply system. If teeing doesn't make a big difference than remove the sea water pump. There should be a hole with a plug in it in the front timing housing. It is possible that when rebuilt the o ring that seals the oil gallery between the engine and timing housing fell out. Lastly a poor connection between the oil p/u and oil pump.
    Charlie w.

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    Default Re: Ford Lehman 80 hp low oil pressure

    Hi Charlie
    Thanks for your insight. I have not had time to follow through on your suggestions as yet.
    I will let you know what happens with step one
    It would be helpful if I could speak with you directly, if this is OK you could email me you phone # & good time to call
    email [email protected]
    Thanks again

    Terry S

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