Forum spam is a never ending problem. It's a constant battle and we need your help.

The forum has been a "self moderated" community for over 13 years now. If we use the tools at our disposal to report and remove spam the forum will remain a quality resource for everyone. It will also remain free of cost and free of outside advertising.

The forum has an easy tool to report spam messages so we can get rid of them. It's simple: Just click the Report Post icon, write the word SPAM in the message box then click the Send Report button.

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Replying to a spam thread (or starting a new one) stating "there's a bunch of junk in here" is not an effective means of reporting spam. The Report Post icon generates an instant email notification to the site administrators.

Thank you for keeping the spam reports coming and for your help making the forum a thriving online community.

In case you were wondering...
We do have "spam killer" software in place that blocks about 90% of attempted spam. For every one spam message you see there are nine more you don't. To date we have banned over 2,700 users that were engaged in spam, and we share data about spammers with hundreds of other websites to coopreatively fight futre spam.

The vast majority of "spammers" are not individuals at all. Forum spam happens via computer programs that automatically register as a new user and then start new threads or reply to an existing thread.

Best Regards,

Andrew & James, Forum Administrators